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What is a Quick Delivery Home?

Also referred to as an “inventory” or “spec” home, a quick delivery home is a move-in-ready, new construction home designed and built at the builder’s discretion. At Maronda, quick delivery homes are made with the same quality materials and processes and backed with the same warranties as newly-built houses. The only difference is that Maronda decides on the homesite, floorplan, and interior/exterior customizations for you.

We offer to-be-built and quick delivery homes in across every division. Explore our inventory.

What Are The Advantages of A Quick Delivery Home?

There are plenty of advantages to a quick delivery home. If you’re looking for the same quality and uniqueness as a new build, without the stressors of long build times and decision-making, a quick delivery home may be perfect for you!

Visit the Maronda Blog to uncover the three key advantages to quick delivery homes. You can also explore available inventory and learn more about special incentives we’re currently offering.