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How New Windows Can Change Your Home

Winter weather is officially back, and homeowners are once again thinking about ways to keep their homes warm and their heating bills reasonable. This oftentimes includes insulating or replacing drafty windows. While the upfront cost of replacing windows might seem overwhelming at first, there are many long-term benefits that make the cost very worth it.

Depending on where you live, quality windows can make up for heating and cooling costs very quickly. That’s why, when choosing glass for your windows, it is important to factor in the weather of where you live. Ask your window expert at 84 Lumber about low-E, or “low-emissivity,” glass, which is typically just a few more dollars more than standard glass but pays for itself through its energy savings and protection benefits. Low-E 366 is made especially for the southern states because of the high exposure to the sun year-round, where low-E 272 is great for northern states because of its ability to reflect heat back into the house in the winter and reject the sun’s UV heat in the summer.

We might be biased, but the technology behind low-E glass is much more effective – and better looking – than wrapping windows with plastic each winter!

In addition to the insulation benefits of updating windows, you also have an opportunity to change the style of your home. From the outside, the design perspective can completely change with different windows. There are many options to choose from in each of these categories:

  1. Color – Right now, black exterior windows are trending, giving homes a modern look.
  2. Operability – Do you want your windows to open and close? Will you need screens? Which way do you want them to open (slide up, or crank out)? Keep in mind the operability effects the style.
  3. Grille Patterns – Like the first two, this is another personal preference with extreme flexibility and customization to really create a new style for your home.

At 84 Lumber, you can find a variety of window brands including AndersenJeld-wen and Plygem. If you are thinking of replacing your windows, connect with your local 84 Lumber team, and our pros will help you find the perfect windows for your dream home.

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